Work environment

I did not know designing a work environment was so important until I read this article. There are so many things that come into play. There are things such as lighting, types of wall, windows, colors, and many more. Certain colors make you feel different ways such as bright orange we or yellow makes you feel hungry. You can add things such as chalkboards or beanbags for people who tend to have lots of energy. Therapists often use green or blue colors to welcome there patients.

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Bad website post

I did my website redo on Lings cars. I think this website is bad because it just looks overall cheesy. The colors are too overwhelming for you to even pay attention on the car sales. The ads are distracting, along with Lings face attached on everything. What I would do is put a simple background, limit the ads/ make the ads about something normal, and take off all other unnecessary content.

coding for Basketball

I initially chose this topic because it looked like the only non boring one. But this seemed to amaze me because it was about a young student who loved technology and was studying it in college, but also loved basketball. this student started big research on teams and players statistics and many more. This student has gotten so big to the point that he talks to NBA coaches now. He needs to know how to do Python coding.

Encrypted Data

The role of government plays a huge role in society especially today with all of this technology. The government should definitely have control over privacy and encryption for the reason of online crimes, cyber-bullying, inappropriate photos etc... But Facebook has there own website and it is pretty in control there is enough privacy, people can talk privately online so I could go both ways with this.